20+ Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners (2024)

Published on 28 June 2021 By Sarah Jones 5 min read

Practice your sewing skills with these simple sewing projects for beginners! These quick and easy projects will help you learn how to sew zips, buttons and more to create delightful designs that make great gifts too. Get started with our free sewing patterns and other fun makes right here!

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Beginner bookmarks

For bookworms and sewists alike, this cute little bookmark project from Teresa is an ideal make to help you get to grips with your sewing machine and learn how to stitch edging. Use up your leftover fabric scraps or pick up some fat quarters to get started. Embroider on sweet motifs or your favourite book quotes to make it your own!

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A simple scrunchie

You can never sew enough scrunchies! A perfect stocking stuffer to make for Christmas or a great addition to any birthday present. Stitch in stylish, modern fabrics for teens or fun designs for the little ones - they’ll love showing these off! Learn how to make your own scrunchies with our super simple tutorial.

The perfect beginner pencil case project

Get set for back to school and sew a simple pencil case with this step-by-step tutorial. This pencil case is a simple zippered pouch to show you how to sew a zip as well as adding lining to your projects. A brilliant beginner make!

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Patchwork pillow

Practice your patchwork with our patchwork cushion tutorial! Using fat quarters in colours and patterns that suit your style, create a gorgeous cushion that is sure to brighten your home.

Sew your first dress

McCall’s sewing patterns are ideal for beginner sewists looking to give garment making a go. Patterns like this dress will help you learn how to sew invisible hems and gather fabric to create a stylish smock style dress. You’ll have so much fun making and styling this sewing pattern for summer!

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A simple tote bag

Learn how to sew a bag with our fabulous tutorial by Kate Owen. She shows you not one, but three fun ways to make your first tote bag - a great sustainable sewing project you can use everyday!

A face mask

Learn how to sew your own face masksto wear while you’re out and about! Pick fabrics that show off your personality and customise this project to fit your style. With some practice, you’ll be making face masks for all the family!

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Beautiful bunting

Celebrate the longer days and the summer rays with handmade bunting! Bring the festival to your home and adorn your outdoor spaces with beautiful bunting. Or, why not add a fun touch to your kid’s bedroom? Whatever you decide, it’s sure to brighten anyone’s day!

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Free a-line skirt pattern for beginners

Learn how to make an a-line skirt with our simple step-by-steps. This free pattern talks you through all you need to know to make your first skirt - easy to personalise and adjust the length and fabric to whatever your style.

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Stitch a felted purse

This fun felted purse tutorial will show you how to sew and line a basic clasp purse as well as how to create a gusset to your projects, giving you more space to store your stash and give it that 3-D look! This is a wonderful make to add embellishments and motifs to match your aesthetic.

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Reusable face cloths

For the sustainably savvy amongst you, why not sew your own reusable face cloths? These are also a perfect last-minute gift for friends! You’ll practice your zig-zag stitches for this project and you’ll soon be stitching up a whole stack of these for everyone you know.

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Lavender bags

Another wonderful gift idea, these delightful lavender bags are sure to be a scent-sation amongst your friends and family. Use your sewing machine or take your time and hand sew these for lovely little gifts that will smell as good as they look!

Perfect pin cushions

With your new found love of sewing, this one will definitely come in handy - sew your own pincushion! This pineapple pincushion is great to practice your hand sewing skills or, for more of a challenge, check out our patchwork pincushion tutorial! Make one for yourself or your closet sewing friends.

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A hand sewn keepsake

It’s always handy to know how to hand sew and this precious embroidered keepsake is a great place to help you learn the basics. Stitch these for your nearest and dearest to say “thankyou”, “I love you” or “just because…”.

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Drawstring bags

This practical project from Teresa will show you how to sew a drawstring bag. Get the kids ready for back to school and make these for their gym bags or sew together one for your own on-the-go storage!

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Sew a pumpkin

Sew together your own fabric farm of pumpkins! Such a fun autumn activity to get you set for this Halloween and the spooky seasons for years after. Follow along with our pumpkin video tutorial to see exactly how to make these.

20+ Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners (17)

Make your first quilt!

Create cosy quilts and put your stitching skills to the test. Learn how to make a simple quilt or start off small with a baby quilt. Not sure where to start? We’ll talk you through everything you need to know before you get started and all the steps to create a beautiful quilt to brighten your home!

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A Beginner's Guide to Quilting

Pencil toppers for kids

If you’re looking for sewing projects the kids can make, these super cute felt unicorn pencil toppers will be a real hit! Stock up on felt and threads and you’ll be having so much fun together with this make! For more like this, check out our sewing project for kids.

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FREE peg bag pattern

Follow along with our free peg bag sewing pattern to show you how to stitch together this storage solution, using leftover fabrics or fabulous fat quarters!

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Learn how to appliqué with this cushion tutorial

Appliqué is a fantastic sewing skill to have in your repertoire. Our appliqué cushion tutorial will teach you exactly how to use this technique and create a wonderful homeware piece in the process!

Sew much more inspiration for you!

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20+ Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners (2024)
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